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The Port of Adelaide Branch of the National Trust (PoANT) works within the aims of the National Trust of SA (NTSA). Unlike other NTSA branches, PoANT focuses on heritage advocacy rather than the direct care of buildings or collections. 

In being a PoANT member you join with other like-minded people expressing your interest in, and support for, heritage conservation.  You will be registered as a member of NTSA and affiliated with the the Port of Adelaide branch.  


Membership offers you:

  • a voice within NTSA and PoANT;

  • the right to vote at NTSA & PoANT Annual General Meetings;

  • opportunity to support the work of PoANT as it engages in local heritage campaigns;   

  • a voice to local government on heritage matters;

  • opportunity to work closely with local like-minded organisations such as Port Adelaide Historical Society, SA Maritime Museum, Port Adelaide Enfield Council and Friends of Torrens Island; and 

  • invitations and reminders of local events and celebrations. 

Click here to join online. Make sure you tick the box to affiliate with the The Port Adelaide Branch.

The National Trust Logo

The symbol of the National Trust of Australia is a trio of gum leaves with two gumnuts. The leaves are, in order of growth, an old leaf with a broken edge, which represents the past, a mature full leaf representing the present and a smaller young leaf representing the future, as viewed through the square window of a heritage building.


The symbol represents Australia’s heritage yesterday, today and tomorrow.


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