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Fort Largs


The future of state heritage listed Fort Largs is at risk. Renewal SA proposed selling off the land on which the Fort is located at the end of April 2014, for a housing development with space for up to 200 homes.

Fort Largs, built in 1883, is made up of a number of intriguing buildings and other structures including gun emplacements. It has never been accessible to the public and is largely hidden from view by dunes and vegetation. For background information about Fort Largs, take a look at Weekend Notes' detailed article and accompanying photos.

The Fort, although state heritage listed, is very much at risk of demolition as a future developer is likely to want to redevelop as much of the site as possible.

To keep up-to-date with the latest news and campaigns go to Heritage Watch (

A statement from Susan Close MP, State Member for Port Adelaide, December 2014: 

"Fort Largs is an extraordinary part of the Peninsula's history – and South Australia's.  I support the best possible heritage protection for this cultural asset and will personally judge any private, government or council proposal on how well it protects the heritage and, if feasible, allows the public access to our Fort."


2015 continued

About Time History Festival 1-31 May 2015. 


Our branch is very excited about a new project that some of the committee members have been working on with expert guidance from Andrew Winkler.


The public launch of the Port Adelaide Now and Then community heritage wiki was held at the Port Adelaide Library on May 7th 2015 as part of 'About Time History Festival'. The audience was very interested as Andrew and Darren Peacock (CEO of NTSA) presented information and details about this program. We hope to have our wiki online soon.


This is an opportunity for members of the community to share stories and photos of people, places (including buildings), organisations, things and events. 


Definition of wiki: (sometimes initial capital letter) a website that allows anyone to add, delete, or revise content by using a web browser.


Its origin is Hawaiian and it means to hurry; quick; fast. 

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