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The Old  Sailing Club

Our community has nominated the Old Sailing Club (Gallery Yampu) and its Jenkins Street surrounds for listing in the State Heritage Register. We believe we have a strong case!

The decision about provisional listing as State Heritage will be made at the public 17th August 2023 meeting of the Heritage Council of South Australia. The site ownership, however, will be transferred from State Government (Renewal SA) to Cedar
Woods (The Developer) before that date. The Port of Adelaide National Trust will be looking closely at that deed and interested to see if it's for the same amount that the Shed 26 site was transferred for - the grand total of $2.00!


The SA Government has secured a written agreement from Cedar Woods to abide by the heritage process and not demolish the Old Port Adelaide Sailing Club until a decision from the Heritage Council is delivered. We believe it's basically a gentlemen's agreement, that may not be legally enforceable. That is why, from 1 July 2023, a community neighbourhood watch, aka Cedar Hoods Watch, will be deployed to ensure that this agreement is not reneged upon.

Community help is needed for this.

Other campaign activities are coming so stay tuned, bookmark this page, and follow PoANT on Facebook.

Now a public document, here is a link to the excellent nomination for the Old Port Adelaide Sailing Club
& Jenkins St precinct to be included as a site of South Australian State Heritage

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