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"The sale of the Fort Largs site was announced to partially recoup the cost of the newly developed neighbouring Police Academy at Taperoo.The fort at the Fort Largs site is listed on the State Heritage Register, which prohibits demolition and promotes standards for preservation and maintenance.AVJennings and the National Trust are working on a joint business case for the future redevelopment and conservation of the heritage-listed Fort buildings. As part of the development proposal, AVJennings plans to reuse the Drill Hall as a community facility and the Barracks as apartments."

Thanks to Fiona McConchie, Andrew Winkler, Dave Walsh and Darren Peacock for the time and effort that they have given over many meetings and many months about this heritage site.

Update: 28 August 2018

The $100 million development deal to

transform historic Fort Largs into a

  housing estate has collapsed.

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