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Fletcher's Slip

Prior to August 2009, the heritage status of Fletcher's and Dunnikier's slips was fragile. Though the slips were locally heritage listed, no-one, not even in the local council, could define the extent of the listings – whether it covered one slip or both, whether the buildings that surround the slip precinct were protected at all or whether the land within the precinct had any protection. 

To clarify the extent of the heritage values of the precinct PoANT applied for their State Heritage Listing. A comprehensive application was put together by the Branch and submitted to Department of Heritage in August 2009. While the application was being processed, demolition work planned for part of the site by the Land Management Corporation (LMC) was put on hold. The State Heritage listing was granted in December 2009. Up until 2019, the listed site was used by the LMC for the storage of contaminated land fill.


The historic name of Fletcher's Slip has since been purloined by a private developer to market a new housing development. This development include the Jenkins St boatyards and the site of the heritage listed Shed 26. 

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